Moulded packaging is produce by  technology for moulding flat plastic material.
Such packaging is made of “non-softened” polyvinylchloride foil.

The procedure of moulding involves modifying the shape of semi-products prepared as sheet or foil. Applying heightened temperature and pressure facilitates such modification.
“Hot moulding” is carried out via the following operations: heating, moulding, cooling, removal and cleaning of the moulded item.

TA 01 and MIK machines are employed for moulding in Chropyně. These are automatic machines utilized in the manufacture of a numerous and variously shaped items, such as cups, tubs, bowls and caps.
The machines were designed in Chropyně specifically for moulding PVC objects. In fact, no other plastic can be processed on them. We now have 28 machines of this type, and items are moulded on them from 0.27 to 0.70 mm thick foil. Such foil is purchased in rolls from European manufacturers.
Objects are moulded through employing an overpressure moulding technique.